Wood-Burning Stoves Making a Comeback

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Reasons Wood-Burning Stoves Are Making a Comeback and Why You Should Be Getting One

Wood-burning stoves not only make great focal points than interiors, they can also help you save hundreds of dollars on your heating bills.

A more efficient heating source than fireplaces, wood-burning stoves were considered an environmentalist’s home companion. However, because of smoke production and their impact on health, the use of wood-burning stoves diminished significantly. But increasing energy prices and the introduction of a new generation of more efficient and environment-friendly stoves have revived interest in this alternative source of heating that offers a wide range of benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy costs this winter without compromising on the warmth, comfort, and coziness of your home, here are a few reasons you may want to invest in a wood-burning stove.

Reason 1: Wood-Burning Stoves Save You Money

This is one of the well-understood benefits of wood-burning stoves. Wood-burning stoves offer you cost savings in multiple ways. First of all, they allow you to lower your central heating system and heat up occupied rooms only. Secondly, wood logs and pellets are a lot cheaper than gas and other types of fuels. In addition, as compared to fireplaces, wood-burning stoves require less frequent maintenance and are therefore a more cost-effective alternative heating source.

Reason 2: Wood-Burning Stoves Are More Efficient

While wood-burning stoves and fireplaces both are an excellent way to cut down energy costs, stoves are a preferable heat source because they are more efficient. A large amount of heat produced by a wood fireplace escapes through the chimney. As a result, fireplaces require more time and fuel to heat up a room. Closed wood-burning stoves are, on the other hand, more efficient and therefore a better choice for individuals who live in areas that experience harsh winters.

Reason 3: Wood-Burning Stoves Are An Environment-Friendly Choice

Traditional fireplaces produce a lot of smoke, which not only increases your carbon footprint, but also poses a health risk to your loved ones. Wood-burning stoves are much cleaner alternatives that release little smoke when provided with an adequate ventilation system. In addition, wood-burning stoves offered by leading brands, such as Harman and Quadrafire, are equipped with innovative Smart Burn Technology that delivers controllable, efficient heat.

If you have made up your mind after reading the benefits of wood-burning stoves and are ready to invest in one, browse through our collection of wood-burning and pellet stoves: Harman Stoves, Quadrafire, and Lopi Stoves . Find the one that best suits your needs and budget.
If you want to learn more about wood-burning stoves, you may contact us at 432 332 8800.

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