5 Fire Safety Tips for Winters

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5 Tips to Maintain a Warm, Cozy, and Fire-Safe Home This Winter

The high cost of heating fuels and utilities have compelled homeowners to look for alternative ways of home heating. As a result, the use of gas fireplaces and wood-burning stoves has increased considerably. These not only help reduce energy consumption, but also offer greater flexibility when it comes to temperature control.

While there are many benefits of using fireplaces or stoves as an alternative source of heating, their use is associated with increased risk of fire. So, if you already have a gas fireplace installed in your living room or you are considering investing in one this winter, here are a few fire safety tips that you must follow in order to ensure the comfort and safety of your loved ones.

  1. Never use a fuel-burning appliance without proper room venting. If you are using a fireplace, make sure that the damper is fully opened. This is important because smoke and toxic fumes may accumulate inside the room and cause breathing problems. Before you go to bed, make sure that the fire is out. Don’t close the damper if you can see wood smoldering. Closing the damper may light up a fire again and release toxic fumes of carbon monoxide into the air.
  2. If you are using a wood stove or a traditional fireplace, make sure that it has adequate clearance from combustible surfaces. In addition, never use a combustible liquid to start a fire. Always use the materials recommended by an expert.
  3. Always keep a metal or tempered glass screen in front of the fireplace to prevent sparks from jumping out and reduce the possibility of burns. In addition, make sure that all flammable materials are placed away from the mantle as a single spark can ignite the material and turn into a deadly fire.
  4. Clean the chimney regularly. The smoke released into the chimney condenses like steam to form a black gummy material called Creosote. Once a sufficient amount of the substance has accumulated on the inside of the chimney, it can easily catch fire. Cleaning the chimney will help you reduce the risk of fire and ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones.
  5. Always have a working fire extinguisher close at hand and make sure that every member of the family knows how to use it to extinguish a fire.

While these fire safety tips should help you reduce the risk of a fire, we strongly recommend that you schedule a professional inspection of your fireplace or stove. This will help you identify any potential risks and mitigate them before the winter arrives.

To schedule an inspection, please call at 432 332 8800.

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