Safety Tips for Homes with Wood Stoves

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Wood Stove as a Heating Source

The ever-growing cost of natural gas has resulted in the comeback of fireplaces, fire pits, and wood-burning stoves. This winter, many homeowners will be using these appliances as an alternative source of heating. If you are one of them, here are a few do’s and don’ts of using a wood-burning stove that will help you keep your home warm, cozy, and hazard-free.

Do’s of Using a Wood

  • Keep children and pets away from the stove, particularly when it has a crackling fire burning inside. All types of wood-burning stoves, including those made of steel, cast iron, and stone can get very hot and touching their outer surface can result in burns.
  • Combustion of wood produces smoke and carbon monoxide which, with poor ventilation, may cause breathing problems. Therefore, make sure that the room with a wood stove has proper ventilation.
  • Regularly remove ash and clinkers and properly dispose of them. Since ashes may take several days to cool down completely, don’t put them in a trash can directly, instead, dispose of them in a metal container place at a considerable distance from any structures.
  • Get your wood-burning stove inspected by a professional every winter. This will help you identify any repair issues and resolve them before they turn into a fire hazard.

Don’ts of Using a Wood Stove

  • Do not let ashes build up inside the stove. This reduces the efficiency of heating by interfering with air flow and trapping heat inside the combustion chamber.
  • Produce a fire that’s larger than what your stove can handle. Large fires not only damage the stove, but also release sparks which may damage the things placed around the stove.
  • Burn anything other than wood to produce heat. Combustibles, such as plastic, coal, or garbage not only produce toxic fumes, but can also cause a house fire

Wood-burning stoves are an excellent heating source, but following these fire safety tips is essential in order to maintain the safety of your home and your family members. Visit Lopi Stoves, Quadra-Fire, and Fireplace Xtrordinaire.

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