Gas Fireplaces: An Ideal Choice for Mess-Free Cost-Efficient Heating

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What Makes Gas Fireplaces a Better Choice than Their Wood Burning Counterparts

There’s nothing comparable to a roaring fire when it comes to beating winter’s chill, or as many consumers are finding, to cut down heating costs.

As a result, a large number of homeowners are investing in fireplaces to keep their home warm and cozy during winters while keeping the energy costs in check.

While all kinds of fireplaces make an excellent addition to any home, gas fireplaces stand out for several reasons. Here’s a quick review of them.

Gas Fireplaces are a Safer Alternative to Solid Fuel-Based Systems
Furnaces and fireplaces that use solid fuels pose two types of health and safety risks. These include:

  • The Risk of Fire — Old, faulty fireplaces that use wood or any other type of solid fuel are responsible for nearly half of all domestic fires.
  • The Health Risk Posed by Noxious Gases — The combustion of wood produces carbon monoxide and smoke that is harmful for the health and well-being of your loved ones.
    Investing in a gas fireplace offers you an opportunity to enhance the comfort of your home without compromising on air quality. These fireplaces burn fuel that is contained in a sealed firebox connected directly to the chimney. As a result, they do not release smoke into the room and keep your home warm as well.

Gas Fireplaces Offer Better Heat Output than Wood- or Oil-Based Fireplaces
There is no denying the fact that traditional fireplaces with natural stone or marble veneer look very elegant. Most homeowners believe that replacing their existing fireplace with a gas fireplace will impact the visual appeal of their home, and therefore, hesitate making the investment.

Fireplace inserts are a viable solution to this problem. With fireplace gas inserts, you can easily upgrade the energy efficiency and heat output of your traditional fireplace without giving up the authentic, elegant look. These fireplace inserts prevent heat loss into the chimney and surrounding masonry, thereby increasing the heating efficiency of your fireplace by up to 10 percent.

Put simply, gas fireplaces offer you the perfect combination of heating efficiency, perfect aesthetics, and reduce health and fire risks. However, it is important that you get your gas fireplace installed by an experienced professional to avoid the risks, costs, and hassle associated with faulty fireplace inserts or poor fireplace construction.

At Energy Depot, we help our customers enhance the aesthetic value and the comfort of their home with fireplaces that not only boast a traditional appeal, but also generate optimal amount of heat without producing a lot of smoke.

To learn more about our products and services, you may contact us at 432 332 8800.

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  1. My house is being built as we speak. The builders built a gas fire place. They were originally going to lay brick around the fireplace as usual. But I decided that I wanted an elegant fire place mantel. Do you custom build these?

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