Considering a Backyard Fire Pit? Here Are Some Safety Tips for You

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Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are one of the most requested design features by homeowners nowadays. They not only provide warmth on a chilly winter night, but also add to the aesthetic value of your home. However, just like any other heating appliance, it is important to follow some safety tips when using a fire pit to minimize the risk of fire.

Whether you already have an outdoor fire pit or you are planning to build one to add drama and beauty to your backyard, following the fire safety pits help you enjoy your fire pit to the fullest while ensuring the safety of your home and your loved ones.

  1. Before you invest in an outdoor fire pit, it is important to determine if it is permissible in your city or state to build a fire pit. Some cities prohibit the construction of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits completely and non-compliance may result in hefty fines and penalties.
  2. Work with a professional to determine what kind of fire pit you should purchase. In addition, the placement of  the fire pit is of great importance as well. Make sure you do not install your fire pit near plants, foliage, or any other materials that can catch fire easily.
  3. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your home at an easily accessible place. Train all the members of your family on how to use it to extinguish a fire.
  4. Don’t install a fire pit in an enclosed area. The combustion of wood or any other fuel produces fumes which, without proper ventilation, can prove to be toxic.
  5. Always use the fire starters recommended by your fire pit expert. Don’t use gasoline or flammable liquids to start a fire.
  6. If you want to turn your fire pit into a focal point of your landscape, opt for rocks, bricks, stone or even concrete. Do not place plants and other materials around a fire pit as a small spark can easily ignite them and start a fire.

Follow these quick and simple fire safety tips to keep a cozy fire from turning into a blazing inferno. Need more assistance? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts who specialize in the installation of all kinds of fireplaces, fire pits, and stoves.

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  1. I like that you mention always keeping a fire extinguisher near. My brother is looking to buy a geometric fire pit but wants more tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about keeping a fire extinguisher nearby.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get a fire pit for our backyard just to give us more to do when we’re sitting at home and give us a chance to enjoy nature. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be important to talk with a professional to figure out what type of fire pit would be best for your home. We’ll have to start looking around for someone that specializes in firepits and hopefully, we can find the right type for our home.

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